20: twenty is Ithaca Reveski's debut single

20: twenty is the debut single of Itaca Reveski: a song written in quarantine via social together with the public to summarize the emotions of these months of lockdown. 20: twenty is the debut single of the Itaca Reveski project, the result of a work started during the quarantine by directly involving people on social networks in writing and arranging: through Instagram Stories Gianmarco Ricasoli, creator of the project, allowed the public directly to choose the riffs, structure, thoughts, phrases and emotions of the song, guiding the followers with an emotional workout and choosing the title with a live Instagram brainstorming.

The result was a song that tells of strong emotions of the present, of hopes for the future and reflections on the past. The inner struggle of the first days of quarantine, forced to spend more time with ourselves with restlessness and suspension, thinking of getting back what the virus was taking away and still not being able to realize the surreal reality in which we had been catapulted are summarized at perfection in the pre-refrain and also: "I'm in a bubble of time and I think of when I didn't feel like it, when we don't want to go out on Saturday night. The excuses that I found, what excuses will we find to close ourselves in the house, to close us? ”. "At the beginning it was like getting off suddenly from a train traveling at 300 km / h, life became slow in an instant. Thoughts on what the future will be like, through all those things of the past that we didn't value and that today come back to us vividly. How many things did we have before we temporarily no longer have? Will we return to normal as we know it or will the world be a different place? " adds Gianmarco Ricasoli talking about the sensations that led to the birth of the song.

The video clip that accompanies 20: twenty is the representation of the quarantine made by combining the videos of all the people who participated in the writing of the song in a general "Instagram story" of this strange and difficult period. The song, written, arranged and produced directly by the artist, is already available on the main streaming and download channels, with an official video clip on YouTube starting May 16. ITACA REVESKI BIOGRAPHY - GIANMARCO RICASOLI Gianmarco Ricasoli is a musician, producer and composer from Nettuno in the province of Rome. He discovers his passion for music at an early age and over the years, between studying classical and then electric guitar, he approaches rock and metal starting his first experience in the band with a tribute to Iron Maiden at the age of 14 years.

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In April 2020, the art project Itaca Reveski saw the first light, of which the first single 20: twenty is a song written together with all his Instagram followers during the quarantine period due to the Coronavirus. "What I tell through the Ithaca Reveski project is a strange love story, the one between Ithaca and a traveler. Through the narration of this story and the writing of its soundtrack, I metaphorically represent the journey to the inner search for balance, for the balance between Yin and Yang. All this, in order to embrace and cradle those who are looking for something deeper than just standard life. "


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