Dua Lipa The world superstar has announced the date shift of her latest work

The world superstar has announced the date shift of her latest work:

"I decided to release my new album on March 27th and I can't wait to share it with you. Now I am much more sure of myself than in the past, I am no longer afraid to throw myself, experiment and try new things ".

The artist also recalled the precise moment in which he decided to undertake this new musical direction: “I had just been a guest on a radio program in Las Vegas and while walking, clearing my ideas, I listened to the music of OutKast and No Doubt and I thought about why I kept loving these songs, which didn't seem to age at all. I wanted to incorporate these nostalgic feelings and sounds that characterized my childhood and my musical background in a new and modern sound. "

The album, with a decidedly dance imprint, tries to evade all the most serious aspects of life. Dua, when he wrote this album, could not know in what terrible historical period it would come out, but all this makes his goal even more important: Future Nostalgia is a brilliant and daring mix of perfect timeless pop songs that try to wipe out anxieties.

"I wanted to make you die that distracted you from your thoughts" - He recently said in an interview - "I just wanted to make it a little easier to get up in the morning and not think about the negative things that happen in the world".

Perfectly in line with the album title, Dua manages to borrow from the sounds of the past, ranging from the 70s disco to the 90s dance pop, to create "familiar" but fresh and new songs. (Levitating, Love Again, Break My Heart or Physicol)

Dua Lipa has also always been an artist capable of reporting the things in which she sincerely believes in her songs, in fact, there is no lack of references to women's rights. The female experience is expressed both through a sense of empowerment ("Future nostalgia") and with observations on the inequality that women face and on sexual harassment ("Boys Will Be Boys")

"Don't Start Now", the hit at the top of all the classifice (certified Platino in Italy) seems to be the counterpart of the single from the previous album "New Rules", in which he shows his instructions to dismiss an ex.

The end of 2019 saw Dua perform on the notes of "Don’t Start Now" at the MTV EMA, ARIAs, AMA’s and at the last Sanremo Festival.


1. Future Nostalgia

2. Don’t Start Now

3. Cool

4. Physical

5. Levitating

6. Pretty Please

7. Hallucinate

8. Love Again

9. Break My Heart

10. Good In Bed

11. Boys Will Be Boys

Dua Lipa sold 4 million copies with her debut album in 2015 and over 60 million records with her singles (including the 500 million streams of "Don't Start Now"). Her debut album was the most popular album on Spotify for a solo female artist. Dua was also the youngest female solo artist to accumulate over 1 billion views on YouTube.

In Italy, the debut album of the same name by Dua Lipa has achieved GOLD certification for sales. As regards the individuals below, the certifications:

NEW RULES Triple Platinum

BE THE ONE Double Platinum

IDGAF - Double Platinum



His world tour has been postponed, the Italian concert of 30 April 2020 is now rescheduled on 10 February 2021 at the Mediolanum Forum in Milan.

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