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"Cindy" is the new single from the band Le Canzoni Giuste

Who is Cindy?

Cindy is an influencer. Cindy is modern. Cindy is a fashion blogger. Cindy only wears Top Brands. Cindy is a great reader.

Cindy loves animals. Cindy is vegan. Cindy is a philanthropist. Cindy is plasticfree.

Cindy is loved by everyone. Cindy has a great charisma. Cindy has over 100k Followers ... bought it.

We all want to be Cindy.

Who are the right songs? "Crazy Songs for Smart People, Smart Songs for Crazy People"

The Right Songs were born in Pescara in February 2017, under the name of "Iacopo Ligorio & The Right Songs". In February 2020 the band licensed its frontman Iacopo Ligorio to continue his career under the name "The Right Songs", with a new frontman, better than the previous one: Iacopo Ligorio.

They do not feel they belong to any specific musical genre, so they decide to coin a new genre which they call "Bankruptcy Rock".

In 2018 the band participated in the final of the TV program "IBAND" (Mediaset), broadcast on La5, was a finalist of Area Sanremo 2018, of the Pierangelo Bertoli Prize, national winner of the Melody Festival and of the "It goes on stage writer". In 2019 the group was the protagonist of various musical competitions, in particular it obtained the victory in the contest "A-Cappello" and "Revolution Sound" and reached the final of the "Distrarte" Contest. The song "For the love of heaven", contained in the album of the same name, was also selected among the finalists of the "Artemergente" Award.

The band has 2 albums: "TALENTOPOLI", released in August 2018 for the Mea Record Company label and the new work "Per L'Amor Del Cielo", released in May 2019 for the "World Fonogram Records" label. ”Which saw the precious collaboration of Mike Applebaum (Ennio Morricone). The singles, with related video clips, of the songs were extracted from the album "But why do you insult me ​​on Facebook? Buy a car "," For heaven's sake "and" Salami ". They played with Maurizio Solieri (Vasco Rossi) and opened concerts, collaborated and played on the same stage with different artists on the national scene (Alberto Bertoli, Nek, Dolcenera, Marco Masini, Negrita, Davide Shorty, Giancane, Le Mandorle, Franco Mussida, Almamagretta , Giuseppe Anastasi).

They appear several times on television in the Rai and Mediaset services, but by mistake.

They are the first band announced at MEI 2020, always by mistake.

A new summer tour awaits them, and the production of a new album; and if all goes well they aspire to present cooked and eaten together with Benedetta Parodi.






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Tommy LaBella eclectic saxophonist.

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