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"Via Roma" the new single from Le Fasi

"Via Roma" is the first single of the Neapolitan band Le Fasi, available from February 29, 2020, which anticipates the new and awaited album "Edèra", artistic production Michele Guberti of Massaga Produzioni, distributed by Alka record label.

This is how the Campania band describes the new work: "Via Roma" represents the hymn of our change. His verses retrace all the stages of our changing skin: the nostalgia felt for what we were, the age that often turned out to be a golden cage, the experience that sometimes rowed against us and, in the end, the courage that every little artist has to change his path and take an unexpected turn in his career.

Le Fasi is a pop rock group formed in June 2012 in Naples. In the spring of 2013 they released the debut single "Ricordi Di un'Estate", which opens the doors of the alternative circuit in Campania leading to the publication of the EP "LE FASI 1.0". From 2013 to 2016 they participate in numerous national festivals including Meeting del Mare, PummarockFest, winners of the Naples Festival with the song "O Stupure do Munno" and finalists in the Hit Week Music Contest. In autumn 2015, thanks to the participation in the television program Amici di Maria De Filippi, they met Fabrizio Moro. The artist allows the group to open his concerts. In December 2016 they released the album "Lucida Follia", 9 unreleased songs that anticipate 2 national tours and various opening acts of concerts, including Rio, Clementino, Foja, Almamegretta and Arisa (in collaboration with Radio Marte, presented by The Jackal) .

On January 18, 2019, "Last page" comes out, the bonus track of the album "Lucida follia" which closes the cycle of the same name to face a totally different experimentation of genres and words.

The phases are: Genny Arienzo (Voice and piano), Ernesto Borruto (guitar and backing vocals) Enzo Servo (drums) Antonello Amoroso (bass).

Video / photo director shooting: Ilaria Passiatore, Michele Guberti Video and post production editing: Ilaria Passiatore, Michele Guberti Artistic production: Michele Guberti for Massaga Produzioni Recorded and mixed: by Federico Viola and Michele Guberti at the Animal House Studio in Ferrara Distribution: Alka Record Label Promotion / press office: Alka Record Label and Rossella Vetrano Editions edited by Musical Materials

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