"Promessa" is the first single, which anticipates the release of "Atacama", the debut album of the Pisan band I Segreti di Hansel, published and distributed by (R) esisto.

Hansel's Secrets were born in Pisa in 2017, from the meeting of Massimiliano Magni, guitarist & singer, (ex The Magdalene) with bassist Giulio Galleschi (ex Thàuma), a completely casual encounter, in the small Tuscan university town. Musical tastes unite them, going from Nirvana to Lou Reed, from Anna Calvi to Radiohead, from C.S.I to Guccini.

Massimiliano loves writing and telling what surrounds him, relationships, suffering and happiness that pervades life, often in black and white. He writes unpublished material, personal and intimate texts. The singer-songwriter vein stands out from its artistic back ground which combines sharp sounds, seasoned with harsh and never predictable riffs. The two go to work, and the first songs are born. To close the line up of the band is the arrival of Alessio "Ska" Scatena, who grew up musically and registry with Zen Circus, former drummer of The Bugz, one of the best bands in the Tuscan underground scene of the 00s, Reverberati and Seventh Day, with which he made several albums and many concerts.

The result is an alternative rock in Italian, dictated by listening to bands such as Afterhours, Marlene Kuntz, Rosso Fuoco, Verdena, Pixies, and many others on the Italian and international rock scene, some pieces are full of energy, anger, the need for scream, others have the delicacy and need to confide something in a low voice. In August 2019 Hansel's Secrets record their first album "Atacama", with Luca Matteucci at the Red Room Studio Recording in Pisa, later mastered by Diego Pettinelli of the Zdb consortium of Latina in February 2020, whose release is scheduled for April 2020 , distributed by the label (R) I exist in Ferrara.

Hansel's Secrets are: Massimiliano Magni - voice and guitar Giulio Galleschi - bass Alessio Scatena - drums

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