Sainte-Chapelle the new Piramide project already anticipated by the single of the same name

Sainte-Chapelle the new PYRAMID project already anticipated by the single of the same name.

There are 4 tracks coming: Skopje Night, Piper, Plastica and Zeffiro. If the Pyramid has 3 sides and California (the previous single) had shed light on one of these, these remaining tracks almost completely expose the other two, because we can find pieces that confirm the California thread and pieces that have totally renewed musicality. If with California the artist had gained a certain reputation on the web, especially through social networks, these new pieces represent a strength and a turning point, both from the point of view of the genres, going to touch at least 3 different musical genres, both from the creative point of view, because each track has been defined and arranged down to the smallest details, so as not to make it boring or repetitive. Piramide says: "The great thing about being a songwriter is that nobody binds you to do anything. The singer-songwriter, or at least the producer, are the strongest roles in all music, because they build it, they give the bases and they don't need a school or university to do it well. The inspiration comes from all over the world and the singer-songwriter catches it and makes us an empire, he is able to speak and not only through words, but also and above all through notes. I recently happened to speak with Vincenzo Cinaski, who said to me: 'if you are afraid that the only person who understands your songs is you, when you write down a theme, ask people what words cause in their head and then make a song '".

Biography: Piramide, stage name of Paolo Previte, was born in Crotone, where he started making music from a very young age, discovering that he had a relative ear (managing to play songs on the piano that he had never studied before). In 2011 he learned to play the guitar as a self-taught, and began to listen to punk artists and commercial music, but over the years he expanded his knowledge to all musical genres, trying to get into the songwriter's perspective and writing lyrics, first in English and then in Italian. Arrived in Rome to conduct university studies, he discovered this city through his extraordinary mix of cultures and people and it is here that he began to shape his spirit dedicated to the art of music. California was born, therefore, his first single recorded in Crotone, which obtained a good response from the public, and after a summer spent "training", doing interviews and concerts, he went to Milan to MassiveArts to produce 6 new songs. There, in addition to an excellent production, he manages to "smell" the environment of the big names, getting in touch with Charlie Charles, Emis Killa, Annalisa, Canova, Irama, and One Republic. His aspiration is to establish himself as the songwriter of people, a person who wants to find words that are normally difficult to find in normal dialogues.

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