S A B I A  "C A T T I V I  P E N S I E R I"

As the most resilient of bad thoughts, ready to take refuge where shameless hidden needs still resist, the Tuscan singer-songwriter returns to undermine the record market with a single who seems to have no good intentions at all.

SABIA, on the list of her deadly sins, on 31.1.2020 adds Bad Thoughts, her last temptation for La Clinica Dischi. "Bad thoughts, which insinuate themselves into the holes in the heart, away from yours look as an accountant always ready to savor opportunities to tell you others not. Bad thoughts, that make the den where there is no moon, in the darkness of the sweatiest and most panting corners of your perversion. villains thoughts, which make your limits fragile and indicate the boundaries of dreams that you seek at night, which you despise during the day. Bad thoughts, which cannot leave just like you, still waiting for yet another opportunity to feel more alive, giving in to the sum of all yours temptations.

”SABIA is the surviving prophet of a galaxy in which Giorgio Moroder sits at the right hand of the God of synthesizers, and Alan Sorrenti writes the commandments of a world that still knows how to orbit in obstinate and contrary to the movements of fashions and time.

SABIA is the flow of unconsciousness that lurks around the valves of instability amplifiers, on the most painful keys that society does not stops trying to whiten, climbing stairs unknown to those who have never had the courage to go beyond the door of their personal Cerberus, dancing with tango steps on the sleeping head of Bacchus and his handmaids. SABIA is the chaos that is reflected in the pieces of what remains of the rubble of the past, holding the beating and alive heart of a future that has ancient roots.

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