Il Tre the new single "Your mothers

Il Tre the new single "Your mothers After the excellent results collected by "Cracow Pt.3", the song with over 10 million streams that has definitively inserted it in radar as one of the most important new artists of the Italian urban scene,

"In the new single" Your mothers "the provocation is the central point of the whole piece: starting from the title, passing through a sound far from my usual standards". - So he quotes the refrain: “even if at school I took 3 hours with numbers it's all ok, now do you know who asks for me? your mothers-mothers! " - showing self-awareness, irony and provocation.

"After" Cracow Pt. 3 "I wanted to try to risk further, to propose another side of me and my music, because in the end the only thing that interests me is" to make music that breaks and express myself as I want! " .

Guido Senia in art Il Tre, Roman born in '97, began to be noticed following the victory in 2016 of the "One Shot Game" one of the most important national contests with over 400 participants from all over Italy.

In 2018 as an independent total he releases the mixtape "Cracow Vol. 2 and runs out of physical copies in less than a week. In June his first official single "Bella Guido" was released, which immediately entered Spotify's Top Viral, and in November of the same year Il Tre was the protagonist of the Youtube Real Talk format which gave the artist great media attention, exceeding 4 million views. .

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After a DJ set tour in Italian clubs Il Tre signs for Atlantic Records / Warner Music where he first publishes "L’importante" a song with a strong content that expresses optimism and awareness and then the street hit "Cracow Pt. 3".


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