Zuth online with La Cosmonautica: the video clip of the disc's title track continues the space j

The Marches band Zuth! back online with "La Cosmonautica", the second single from the homonymous album.

After the irreverent Erotica-aerobics and the release of the album, the band returns with a song and a video clip with a provocative and reflective plot that sees the cosmonaut protagonist disoriented in a place totally extraneous to his usual uses and customs on Earth: following a crash the latter loses the only object that tied him to his native planet and that guided him on his interplanetary journey.

The metaphor that the band wants to convey is that of the typical man of today's society who without a guide cannot find himself and pursue his dreams and aspirations. Another important aspect that the band highlights within the video is the virtualization of the company that leads us all to observe the world from a porthole, with the difference that compared to the cosmonaut Jurij Gagarin none of us is really forced to do it. The video was entirely shot in various locations, in particular between Martinsicuro and San Benedetto del Tronto by Federico Casarella. "What we wanted to represent in the video is the sense of estrangement that we all feel towards the other and the world, in what should be the era of communication par excellence", the Züth tell us.

ZUTH BIOGRAPHY: Züth! is a musical project born in the Marche region, whose sound is characterized by Indie Rock and Electronic Pop influences and the lyrics are inspired by the Italian songwriting song. In October 2015 the first album entitled "Oceano" was released, which was included among the best 10 albums (5th place in the ranking) of the "Best New 2015" category of UrbanWeek.it and positively reviewed by many portals Italian websites including Rockit.it One of the pieces of the album "Oceano" sees the participation of Gianluca De Rubertis of the duo "Il Genio".

The Oceano Tour allows the band to perform in numerous prestigious stages such as that of the MIND Festival and the Hiroshima Mon Amour in Turin, as well as opening some dates by Giorgio Ciccarelli (Ex Afterhours), Espana Circo Este, The Lights of the Power Plant and Ex-Otago. The band was selected in 2016 by Litfiba for the project "30 years of 17re" collaborating directly with Piero Pelù and Ghigo Renzulli in the song "Resta".In June 2018 they won the Sanremo Rock Final by winning the Marche stage of the selection tour and then performing at the Ariston Theater in Sanremo as representatives of the region. In 2019 the band released the single "Eroticaerobica" which anticipates the release of the new album "La Cosmonautica" scheduled for October of the same year. In the same year the Züth! were the opener of one of the Italian dates of the Anastacia tour.

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