LORE CECCO, presents "Cosa Ne Sai", the new HIP-HOP song where he has: SINGED, PRODUCED an

Produced at home in Tuscany, near Siena, in the months of November and December. "What do you know" by Lore Cecco. The author describes his new song as follows:

"In" What do you know "I tell about myself and the people who don't know me at all, considering myself changed and different from the others. I live my life without having fame or success. People see me as a revolutionary because I always go out of the box and in this song I wanted to represent myself, removing all the prejudices that are created with social networks, trying to make myself known through music and not because I am a character.

For both the production and the Official Video on YouTube I wanted to do everything myself because, given my possibilities and abilities, I decided it would be the best choice. The only expense was that of a tripod to record the video on a mobile phone. I didn't do it for money, but because I had clear ideas on how I wanted to do it; the results are left to those who listen to the Single and to those who see the Official Video. I think this song of mine is a real springboard towards space, hoping to keep everyone speechless, both now and in the future "

Biography: LORENZO CECCOTTI, aka LORE CECCO is an "Artist" who has already had contact with the Internet as a kid, starting in 2013 to publish videos on Youtube about Gaming. Fascinated by the power of the Internet, he noticed that the numbers were growing but people were mainly interested in the content he put on the net and not him. He then decided to stop uploading videos on Youtube and became passionate about music. He began to take lessons and become increasingly interested in contemporary music, so, finally, at the beginning of Summer 2019, after graduation, he released his first song called "Trapcorn". He loved creating songs, so from February 14, 2020 it is available on all stores: "What do you know", the new song that according to the author will change his musical style, changing the cards on the table. At the moment he is a university student and is studying Mathematics at the University of Siena, where he moved. There, in his spare time, he produces more and more songs, given his great enthusiasm for music.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThatsCECCO

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