Giulia Ventisette, "Alice (in the country of knickknacks)

Giulia Ventisette, "Alice (in the country of knickknacks)", distributed by the label La Stanza Nascosta Records by the Tuscan musician and producer Salvatore Papotto. "Alice (in the country of knickknacks)" (text by Giulia Ventisette, music by Giulia Ventisette and Franco Poggiali), presented at the selections of Sanremo Giovani 2020 and excluded, follows the single "Work ennobles man" confirming the social value of the songwriter of the Florentine singer-songwriter, for the second consecutive time finalist at the Fabrizio De André Prize. Once again (after "Tutti zitti" - "Critics Award" at Limatola Festival "and" Under 35 Award "of" Voices for freedom à -A song for Amnesty "- and" Work ennobles man "), Giulia Ventisette turns the spotlight on the distortions of the working universe. I wanted to describe in a metaphorical way - explains Giulia Ventisette- the difficulties that a woman encounters, still today, in 2020, in finding a place in the world of work and, more generally, in society.

The reference, declared, is to the famous novel by Lewis Carroll, "Alice in Wonderland" which, however, becomes, in my transposition into music, a country far from fantastic, turning into a dark trap that elevates the blind materiality to supreme value, subtracting weight from the authentic substance of things in favor of fatuity; a kingdom of junk, all things considered. It is a country - continues Giulia Ventisette - in which those who count are often willingly represented by a male figure.

Hence the choice to have a man (Niccolò Fallani) interpret even the Queen of Hearts; a bit like in 1500-1600, when female characters were in theatrical performances impersonated by men in disguise and make-up ... we stayed more or less at that time, in short !. Alice, who instead tries to affirm her singularity, is forced to flee, in order not to remain a prisoner of a system that wants her, metaphorically speaking, in chains. Alice (in the country of odds and ends), who "does not exist and does not speak" and which is a step backwards (a bit as lately they say that it is right to stay), it also represents the promise of a return, of a overturning the current state of affairs.

The hope is that of a future in which both the person, regardless of gender differences, count and individual talent prevail, beyond toxic recommendations and ideologies. Although "The death of the Queen does not always imply the end of the Kingdom", it is still a sign that something is changing, a starting point. Halfway between the acoustic footprint of the more traditional songwriting narrative and electronic pop tack oriented, Alice (in the country of odds and ends) moves between the status of reality and the visionary dimension, making herself manifest of the dream realism in music. An only apparent oxymoron, which the Ventisette resolves by enslaving the fantastic projection to a sincere testimony of will.

Testo: Giulia Ventisette

Musica: Giulia Ventisette, Franco Poggiali

Chitarre: Edoardo Bruni

Violoncelli: Federica Finardi Goldberg

Tastiere, Basso e programmazioni: Franco Poggiali

Batteria: Claudio Del Signore

Registrato, mixato e masterizzato presso:


di Franco Poggiali

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