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Emma Grace,between Assisi and Miami.

Emma Grace, Italian American composer, singer and violinist from Assisi and Miami. His musical production evolved in Italy where he studied the violin between 10 and 13 years until he decided to continue as a self-taught. He lives in Paris between 2013 and 2016 and now based in Venice continues his research with various tools and collaborations. His first album "Backgrounds" (2018 Pipapop Records) gives life to a new chapter of nude and raw compositions combining violin and voice.

His research proceeds with the introduction of instrumental loops, a self-production of voices, violins, violas, guitars and spontaneous recordings using pocket and mobile phones, maintaining his nomadic and crude attitude. It is strongly influenced by music for films and minimal-experimental orchestrations with the simple goal of being sincere and faithful to what it can give and share. During the years of musical activity he participated in various musical events, especially in Berlin, Paris, Norway, and in Italy. This February 2020 is ready to present her second album, "Wild Fruits and Red Cheeks". WILD FRUITS & RED CHEEKS

Wild Fruits and Red Cheeks is Emma Grace's latest work. A double album of 18 tracks, violins, voices, violas and guitars coming from his naked and raw sound environment made of sudden orchestrations and loops. This collection begins in April 2019 with the birth of the single 'On Top Of Our Words' which is also located within the Pipapop Corn Vol 2 compilation.

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Written, composed and recorded by Emma Grace Mastering and postproduction of Capitano Merletti, Studio Garp, Venice. Produced by Pipapop Records. Artwork by Giorgia Ragnacci.

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