"The Devil's Hole" the debut album by the Abruzzesi Bloody Souls

"The Devil's Hole" is Bloody Souls' first album. It contains sounds of various kinds and is characterized by a Stoner, Doom and Heavy style, which can be defined as Heavy Stoner. This record has contents ranging from mythology to social reporting, with dark and sometimes funeral sounds. The legend told in the single homonymous "The Devil's Hole", derives from the Devil's ditch, in the coastal area of ​​Torino di Sangro (Chieti), tells the presence of a demon resting under an old railway underpass overlooking the sea.

The originality of the first work opens the doors to the nascent Bloody Souls who will make themselves known far and wide with overwhelming promotional and live tours.

tracklist: 01 The Devil’s Hole, 02 Bloody Souls, 03 Madhouse, 04 Solve et Coagula, 05 Living in Darkness, 06 Demon’s March, 07 Belphagor

The Band was born in 2018 through the knowledge of Johnny Hell and Friedrich Angel, great friends linked by long musical past. The unedited of this nascent group are overwhelming and timeless. The musical passion that unites them is clearly perceived and characterizes them both as individual musicians and as a Band. Grit and originality are the characteristics of their meticulous and valuable work, of which we have tangible proof through their first album entitled "The Devil's Hole".

The songs are the result of reflection and inner work and reflect each of them, as they are pieces worked collectively not only the result of a leader's imagination, but of unpublished songs with their own soul.

www.facebook.com/bloodysoulsband www.instagram.com/bloody_souls_official

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