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"Mindglass" is the new single from the Catania band Helen Burns

"Mindglass" is the new single by the Catania band Helen Burns that expresses the sense of inadequacy felt towards the world in an alternative rock key. "Mindglass", the new single by Helen Burns is a song that already from the first listening manages, thanks to the scratchy and direct sounds, to transport the listener into the world of the same band.

The song and the video clip are wrapped in an aura of mystery and leave the total interpretation to those who listen and watch the video.

Helen Burns - Artist Biography Helen Burns is an unpublished project active as a band since 2016 in the Catania area. Born from the passion for music between the high school desks by Edoardo Buccheri (bass) and Walter Leotta (guitar), the training materializes with the arrival of Sebastiano Musco (guitar, Domenico Failla (singer) and Gabriele Messina (drums). Big dreamers and full of ambition, since the beginning of the project, the Helen Burns have invested a lot of time in writing new songs. Their alternative rock sound is characterized by research and experimentation of new sounds and melodic structures starting from influences of international projects such as Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

In April 2019 they are among the 8 finalists of the 32nd edition of Sanremo Rock in the rock category with the unpublished "Do You Wanna Go Back To 90's?", Then successfully continuing to participate in various contests, including European Social Sound 4U (third place), Music Con-Te-St (best unpublished prize), and Ruvido Fest (awarded as winners of the contest by Luca Madonia), later dedicating himself to the preparation of new unpublished songs.

In February 2020 they released the new single Mindglass.


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