Gravestone in the studio for the new album Ars Arcana

With the beginning of 2020 the Romans Gravestone finally entered the studio to record their second LP, which comes after the 1994 "Simphony of Pain" (just before the twenty-year split-up) and the two EPs, "Proud to be Dead" of 2017 and "Simphony of Dead" of 2019.

The recordings will take place at Stefano Morabito's "16th Cellar Studio" and Andrea Mattei's "Trick Studio". The graphics were created by graphic designer Fabio Listrani.

The concept of the disc is inspired by the fantasy novel "Gens Arcana" by the very Italian author Cecilia Randall, set in the Florence of the Medici; hence the title of the album "Ars Arcana" whose provisional tracklist is as follows: Santa Militia Land Ignis Aer Aqua Quinta Essentia The Slaughter Conspiracy The Death of Folco de 'Nieri


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