"Senza Storia" is the debut album by Gaetano Nicosia which, in chronological order, represents the latest punk rock work on the music scene, or - if you prefer - the first of a new era of rock works (concept album).

The Concept Album: "Without History" tells the story of a deaf drummer who is not deaf ... He does not know and when he realizes the disaster is now done and if he wants to get out he will have to resort to all his energies and resources. This is the first CD consisting of nine tracks that tell the story and childhood of Memo Sami. Music and lyrics by Gaetano Nicosia, "Senza Storia" is an album that has had a very long gestation that ended in September 2019 and that only now sees the light thanks to a crowdfunding campaign that allowed the author to make it tangible his work. "Senza Storia" is a hymn to error, to the freedom to lose yourself as the only way to find yourself, to collective and corrective stubbornness.

Gaetano Nicosia is a musician who makes divergences, dissonances and an odd approach his trademark. "Senza Storia" is a punk album with psychedelic and prog influences, with an episode in reggae.

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