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Songs of mood: the third album by Utveggi

"Nine songs that tell little moods, tragic or with a happy ending, light-hearted and a little mocking, which feed on the verses of the great Italian pop to make the verse. A deliberately songwriting album, easy to listen to, good for all seasons and all tastes.

A social album, for young and even younger people, to always carry with you, to school, to the office, to the gym or even underground. A sound selfie at the best of commercial and beach music, not without ugliness filters. A genuine product, as if just picked from the garden. Red, like mood. Songs in the mood, for anyone who wants to fall in love. " The perfect presentation, that of Utveggi, proud of their third album Canzoni d'umore: a "sound selfie" that affectionately teases the commonplaces of Italian pop and indirectly the same band, independent in the deepest sense of the term, "indie" as long as you don't take the label and the world it symbolizes seriously.

Anticipated by the video by Stupido Otello - preview on Rumore - which makes fun of Vasco Rossi's Stupido Hotel, Canzoni d'umore was made by Luca Rinaudo at the Zeit Studio in Palermo, published by Almendra Music. Together with Forsqueak and Mezz Gacano the Utveggi heads the rock wing of the Palermo factory, which alongside the modern-classical proposals also welcomes the possible variations of border rock: the Utveggi is at the crossroads between progressive, indie, punk, pop and crazy , with an unscrupulous mix of languages ​​such as Italian, Sicilian and even Japanese.

They present themselves with the term "Divertissepunk", launched in 2015 with Utveggi, reiterated in 2017 with AltreMondi, a perfect synthesis also of Songs of mood, an alien experiment compared to the canons of Italian independent rock, born live in the studio and raised surprising them Utveggi, who say: "Canzoni d'umore is a live in the studio, we recorded it all passionately. Our initial intent was to make an album more exquisitely" indie "than the prog-punk contaminations of Altrimondi and Utveggi. But, as always, between saying and doing there is evil in between. As has happened in the past, the concept and appearance of the new album spontaneously took shape on their own, outside a pre-established plan. so we realized that we had actually made a parody of ourselves that we were trying to pass ourselves off as an "indie" band. A game of unmasked fictions and serious sneers that once again has us berated by the concern to give us an already established, packaged, immediately salable musical label. In this sense, perhaps we really made an "indie" record, in the sense of totally independent of any other concern than that of doing what we felt we were doing. Or maybe we actually made a traditionally pop-prog record. Or maybe both. Who can say that? We certainly don't. "

Active since 2012, Utveggi went on to the sound of concerts (also in Japan!), Live openings for important bands (eg Punkreas or the Japanese PianojaC), television appearances (memorable Italy's got Talent in 2017) and prestigious awards (prize of the criticism "A Certain Regard" at Musicultura 2016).

These are experiences that the quintet has assimilated by translating them into a multifaceted, ironic and sparkling musical proposal even if full of references ranging from historical progressive to songwriting. Songs of humor thinks about pop culture carefully, without weakening the satirical intent: "We wanted to draw fully from a tradition as long as varied and difficult to frame. For us, the" great Italian pop "is both the one with which we enjoy mocking ourselves, both that of artists and bands that critics and the public would not label as "great", nor as purely "pop." The Italian pop that has inspired us and continues to inspire us is what looks to a "People" that do not boil down to the distracted and narcotized consumer of the products of the great music industry. "Big" pop is what invents its audience too. And it is what we would like to learn to do. "

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The philosophy of Utveggi does not change: "If after a rock-metal section we want to insert thirty seconds of a cappella singing, why not? It is enough that the whole, however apparently ramshackle, works and has its own basic coherence". Songs in the mood, for anyone who wants to fall in love.


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