Registration is now open for courses and high-level summer seminars at the Accademia Musicale Chigiana in Siena, which have reached their 89th edition this year.

The courses will take place, as is tradition, in the months of July and August and will be entrusted to internationally renowned teachers, including Lilya Zilberstein (piano), Boris Belkin and Salvatore Accardo (violin), Bruno Giuranna (viola), Oscar Ghiglia and Giovanni Puddu (guitar), Patrick Gallois (flute), Antonio Meneses and David Geringas (cello), Antonio Caggiano (percussion), Alessandro Carbonare (clarinet), Giuseppe Ettorre (double bass), Clive Greensmith (Chamber music for piano and arches), William Matteuzzi (Canto).

The Conducting Course will be entrusted to Daniele Gatti (co-teacher Luciano Acocella) and will use the Italian Youth Orchestra as a residence training for the entire duration of the Course, while the Composition Course will be conducted by Salvatore Sciarrino, with the help of the Prometheus Quartet and other musicians in residence. The Choir Conducting Course will be held by Lorenzo Donati with the support of the Chorus of the Siena Cathedral "Guido Chigi Saracini". Finally, there are some seminars of shorter duration than the courses, which will feature some important musicians today, such as David Krakauer (Crossing Musical Boundaries. Music beyond genres), Christian Schmitt (Oboe), Eliot Fisk (Guitar), in addition to new electronic technologies developed in the Seminar of Alvise Vidolin and Nicola Bernardini (Live electronics. Sound and Music Computing).

They are flanked by the "New Sounds" Seminars, by Stefano Battaglia (Tabula rasa. The Art of improvisation) and Ernst Reijseger (Morphing Music to Media. Creating music for the visual arts).

Students can choose to take the entrance exam:

- via video audition (first deadlines April 16, 2020); - or with a live audition at the Accademia Chigiana on the first day of each Course or Seminar. For info, deadlines and registration:

For more information:


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