"Incubo" Mimica's debut single

"Incubo" is the first single, available from February 28, 2020, which anticipates the release of "Relative Barrier", the debut EP of the Valtellina band Mimica, published and distributed by (R) exist.

"Incubo" sees the participation of Guzman, a young and talented Italian rapper, who recently released the first album entitled "Mk.2".

The roots of MIMICA develop in a small town in Valtellina, their lifeblood is the friendship between Marco Onetti (voice - guitar) and Nicola Mentasti (guitar), the soil where they cultivate their passion is that of local post grunge.

After years characterized by frequent changes in the group's formation, in 2016 the entry of Gianluca Rabbiosi (drums) marks the moment of stability and maturity of the band in the form of power-trio.

The growth path led to the inclusion of Paolo Biavaschi (bass) at the end of 2018. The influence of the backgrounds of each of the members of the group is manifested in their music: an Italian alternative rock that does not want to be cataloged in any specific genre.

Mimics are: Marco Onetti - voice and guitar Nicola Mentasti - guitar Paolo Biavaschi - bass Gianluca Rabbiosi - drums

www.instagram.com/mimicaitalia www.facebook.com/mimicaitalia

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