The New Single by Stefano Pellegrino: "Run With the Devil"

"Run With the Devil", single that heralds the first studio album of the Calabrian singer Stefano Pellegrino

Do you know when you want to send someone "to hell"? Scream in his face how much it made you suffer and cry when he was not present and could not see you? And do you imagine that you can never really bring out the words you would like to scream, simply because you will no longer have the opportunity to see that person again? The passage describes the need to somehow scream something that has not managed to get out because it got stuck, held back by external forces, or simply by the behavior of cowardly people, unable to face you and explain how they are. All this, expressed with an energetic pop-rock production that speaks for itself.

Facebook Stfano Pellegrino BIOGRAPHY OF THE ARTIST: Born in Cosenza on 13 January 1997, and after obtaining a diploma in classical high school, Stefano Pellegrino moved to Milan to undertake his artistic career, studying at the Mohole School in the graphic-advertising field and at the Napier Academy specializing in Music Management. He made his record debut with the single "Body Shop" on September 28, 2018, accompanied by the official music video and a remix, and a few months later, exactly on March 28, 2019, his first EP "Black Wings" was released. In June, he receives a Certificate of Participation and Artistic Suitability during the Regional Preliminary Phase Selection at the Tour Music Fest, followed by the Certificate of Participation during the Second Macro-regional Phase in October. On October 24th, he took part in the first episode of X Factor in the MIKA "Tiny Love" performance, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprisings.

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Tiziana Massa