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"Lettere" is the new one song by LAMAREA

"Letters" is the new one song by LAMAREA

After the release of "Respiro" (Dcave Records) in January of last year, on February 10th i LAMAREA return with a new song called "Letters". A song that "is born it gives love for a person, but also love for oneself. " LAMAREA was born in 2014 from the inevitable love of five Tuscan boys for music. In 2017 it is also the year of the meeting with Daniele Grasso, a well-known artistic producer who boasts collaborations with the likes of Afterhours, Greg Dulli, Cesare Basile. I LAMAREA the following year they officially entered the historic The Cave Studio in Catania to start the realization of "Respiro", the second album that will see the light in January 2019 for The Kids Are Alright (Dcave records) with the artistic production of Daniele Grasso.

Filippo (singer and bass player) << "Letters" was born from the need to communicate something real, of do not stereotype feelings and emotions, in a world now firm on the surface of what's this. It is an invitation to take a pen and write something felt, real, that remains. Born from love. From love for a person but also from love for themselves. A love does not end, it does not end even if sometimes a relationship can end. And letters urges to write, to try to improve together, to want to overcome the obstacles of love evidence that it brings together. >>

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