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Cris Mantello - 'Thirteen' (Go Country Records 2020)

With Thirteen, Cris Mantello gives us a musical journey, an allegory of a deep inner journey. Thirteen is not only a record, a collection of songs born from his undisputed songwriter talent, but above all a new page of his recording career.

After the transition represented by 'Keep On Rollin', a record where rcokabilly influences are still strong and which somehow quickly probes the possible paths to take, Cris Mantello chooses the less obvious and certainly more impervious one.

The musical style which, in the context of the American tradition, represents the most direct consequence but also in some ways the most uncomfortable, but which is able to best fit its artistic maturity. Thirteen is a Honky Tonk record where Cris Mantello maintains the authenticity of his style but dressing his songs again and fresh.

<< Starting west from Nashville Tennessee, the road to Bakersfield is long and lonely. 2,020 miles through Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and, if you avoid diverting to Las Vegas, after about 30 hours of travel, here is California! American radios will offer you a wide choice of excellent music to keep you company, but, alas, reception is not always good along this desolate path.

Thirteen is the ideal travel companion, between sunsets in the desert and sunrises on the plains of the Indian reserves. This is the soul of this record: a little rough and lonely, a little sad and melancholic, as in the best Honky Tonk tradition. Thirteen is a journey into the deep, between what has been and is no longer and what, perhaps, never will be.

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The pure American sound will transport you through times and places, suspended between a beautiful dream and an arid reality. Thirteen is a Bourbon cocktail and broken dreams that will sometimes tear you a smile and often a tear and, like this long journey, will give you emotions that you will carry with you for a lifetime. >>

In this album Cris Mantello, accustomed to dressing his music and experiencing it deeply, puts all of himself: << ... I'm a smile with a tear, I'm this music in your ear. >>

#crismantello #thirteen #gocountry #gocountryrecords

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