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Atmosphere "Dearly Beloved" (feat. Musab & Muja Messiah)

#Atmosphere "Dearly Beloved" (feat. Musab & Muja Messiah)

Atmosphere delivers a psychedelic music video from director BLOOD $MOKE BODY to accompany “Dearly Beloved” feat. Musab and Muja Messiah. The track was originally released on Atmosphere’s surprise album, Whenever.

Slug opens “Dearly Beloved” with his signature dextrous wordplay, rapping a love song while dropping references to Prince and his hometown of Minneapolis. Musab responds with a verse filled with allusions to 80’s pop culture before Muja Messiah closes with sharp-witted Prince references of his own while the music video follows Slug from a snowy limo to a surreal house party. Atmospher Whenever

These aren’t dad-raps, these aren’t anti-establishment-raps, and these aren’t chasing-old-fire-raps. Even at its darkest, Whenever houses blessed-to-be-alive-raps. The album breathes in the way only Slug and Ant could summon a collective breath. On Whenever, the duo inhale panic and exhale greatness.

Written by Slug. Produced by Ant. Guest appearances include Murs, Musab, Nikki Jean, Gifted Gab, Muja Messiah and Haphduzn.

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The world is a vastly different place than it was just a few years ago, and Atmosphere’s music has begun to reflect the ways in which the world, and their place in it, has changed. The idyllic domesticity of previous records has morphed into anxiety over keeping loved ones safe during turbulent times on their most recent works. Instead of bragging about backstage misadventures, it’s become more about grappling with mortality.

The easygoing collaboration between Ant and Slug has started to feel more like the life-or-death intimacy of two men trapped together on a lifeboat. At times it’s heavy, but it’s far from grim. There are still jokes being cracked, joints getting smoked, a little trash talking here and there—after all, it’s still hip-hop—and Atmosphere’s never sounded better.

As the name of their last record implied, Mi Vida Local was intensely focused on the place it was created—the southside of Minneapolis—where Slug and Ant worked tirelessly in their “beautiful basements”, refining their sound without interruption. A year of one-on-one collaboration resulted in an album that matched complex subject matter with equally deep beats—ones that show a clear lineage back to the psychedelic funk landmarks from an earlier era where America was going through a post-utopian hangover, and prove that there won’t ever be a time where boom-bap beats don’t sound perfectly of the moment.

Mi Vida Local might be the best album Atmosphere’s ever made. It was definitely the one they needed to make right now, and one listeners need to hear just as urgently. If it’s sometimes an album about how the fight to find happiness never really ends, it’s also about discovering that there’s happiness to be found just in fighting.

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