WILLY WONKA WAS WEIRD “Muro Di Tempo (Anarchici della pulizia)” Dal 10 febbraio

"Muro Di Tempo (Anarchists of Cleaning)" is the second single, extracted from the debut album "022016032019" of the Treviso singer-songwriter Willy Wonka Was Weird, available from 10 February 2020, published and distributed by (R) esito..

This is how the Venetian singer-songwriter describes the new work: "Muro Di Tempo (Cleaning Anarchists)" does not have a meaning, it does not have a precise message, it is not a story to tell ... They are scattered pieces thrown in the air and that once fallen to the ground they compose a well-defined puzzle, the chaotic reflection of a person who is reborn for a life more important than his own. A person who does not accept selfishness as a hiding place for fears. You can find all the rest under your carpet, while listening to this piece in exaggerated volumes.

Willy Wonka Was Weird is a solo project by Paolo Modolo, current member of In My June (Blind Alley 2011 / Leaves don't fall by chance 2013) and in the past of the noise / core band Anarcotics. The idea was born with the sole purpose of writing songs to pay homage to the future birth of the son, alienating himself from the musical environment of which he was saturated. Willy Wonka's figure represents an alter ego for Paolo, a way to be able to go crazy freely, to be the opposite of that person they said never smiled and in March 2019 he entered the studio to give life to these pieces.

Tommaso Mantelli (Captain Mantell, Ama, Licantropy, Il Teatro degli Orrori) takes care of it and captures everything within Lesder, recording a disc that does not follow any canon of the classic studio work, capturing the guitar in direct overdubbing the other instruments and voices at the moment, thus trying to keep the expression of the first moment intact. Initially the disc was conceived as a gift to his son, a polaroid of these first years of his life, but life like Willy Wonka is strange, and a series of events and people pushed Paolo to leave his "factory", giving the first disc. Anticipated by the single "March 2019", the debut album "022016032019" by the Treviso singer-songwriter Willy Wonka Was Weird, released and distributed by (R) existed, is released on CD and digitally on 18 October 2019.


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