Tullio Cesario:album by Progetto Noah, it's an evergreen that never ends

"What I need is to make a shit so big that I can't save myself" (Chuck Palahniuk) "Scarlet Letters", album by Progetto Noah, is an evergreen that never ends.

One year after their collaboration with Alkatraz management booking label, PROJECT NOAH - songwriting rock quartet led by frontman Tullio Cesario - continues its path with single / video "Seductive" extracted from the album produced by Tullio Cesario / Alkatraz management and distributed in all digital stores (by Alkatraz Management itself). The disc is a small gem that has been stuck in the "record limbo" for some time, until the discovery of this rare diamond.

"You write a song because you want to say something and you are not always able to do it in just over 3 minutes" explains Tullio Cesario (frontman of the group), who with this album reaches the heart with anger, sweetness, and poetry.

Many collaborations excelled in this album with a flavor from beyond the Alps, starting from the cover of the physical format of the disc by Roberto Gentile, already a Verdena collaborator.

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