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Confusing Mix of Nations is out April 3rd

Their debut for Mexican Summer, CMON's Confusing Mix of Nations is an album of pop ambition that understands "pop" to be a state of mind, not a state of sales. Each of the ten tracks reads like a postcard from a different aesthetic era, from the heavy atmospherics and melancholic soul reminiscent of Regal Degal, the duo's prior project, to the four-on-the-floor EBM rhythm grids and sublime AOR guitar lines picked from pop's outer limits.

"Zoo," the first single off the forthcoming release, is a dark-tinted portrait of love, painted from a distance. Josh da Costa and Jamen Whitelock move like a fast car through a black Pacific Northwest night, a bit of Twin Peaks fog obscuring Costa’s view of the person he’s singing for.

“Zoo was written and recorded on a rainy night in LA. The zoo in question is right across the street from where my grandmother lives in the Caribbean. It’s a strange shady place with a sad energy on an otherwise idyllic island. Both bleak and mystical. The combination of sunshine and weird vibes is a source of great inspiration - I get plenty of both in LA, which is why I live here.” - Josh da Acosta

Confusing Mix of Nations is out April 3rd on LP and digital formats. Confusing Mix of Nations Tracklist 01. Coo 02. Good To Know 03. Dreamfucking 04. Celluloid 05. Mindboggling 06. Peter Pan 07. Sam 08. Zoo 09. Base 10. Letdown

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CMON LIVE DATES 4/24 - Zebulon - Los Angeles, CA 4/29 - Le Poisson Rouge - New York, NY (SOLD OUT)* 4/30 - Market Hotel - New York, NY* *supporting Ariel Pink

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