The new single from Mardi Gras written by Liina Ratsep and Alessandro Matilli

The importance of knowing that at your side there is, and always will be, someone who will give you the strength to move forward with the awareness that you are no longer alone. The new #MardiGras single written by #LiinaRatsep and #AlessandroMatilli, produced by #StuartEpps (producer of #EltonJohn, #LedZeppelin, #Oasis, #RobbieWilliams, #GeorgeHarrison, #Bill Wyman, #ChrisRea) is available from 17 January 2020 on Spotify and all the digital platforms and his video directed by #GiulioBottini travels on 33,000 views;

The artwork of the single is by #SimoneDalena

It all starts with a new first step: the end of a chapter in one's life, the end of a relationship or love, the closure of a school path to embark on a new one, abandoning the old job and opening up new paths for the future. The loss of someone so important that you almost don't accept it, and at the same time the strength to start again and look ahead, taking the reins of your life with a loved one next to you. A new first step, to go up from the bottom, from the deepest point you touched, because from the lowest point, you can only go up.

Nowadays there are three languages ​​spoken in Mardi Gras, and within "From Zero to one" in addition to the voices of the English photographer Steve Bisgrove, of the Estonian musician Ervin Sokk here is a precious cameo by Mario Cordova, one of the most famous Italian voice actors who lends his voice to #RichardGere, #HerveyKeithel, #JeremyIrons and many others.

The Mardi Gras also entered the music roster of the Alter Erebus Press & Label which as per the statute "wants to spread stories, sounds, dreams and much more at a time when culture must resist and guide us out of the dark in a different way, in another way, because culture is life. And to get out of the dark, you have to go through it first " The following are part of the Alter Erebus: Nicholas Ciuferri founder and press director; Paolo Benvegnù founder and CEO, Matteo Madafferi founder

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