"Revolution Mundi" the single from TENAX which anticipates the new album of the Milanese r

Available from January 27, 2020 "Revolution Mundi" the second single of the Milanese rock band TENAX∞, extracted from the new album of the same name to be released on March 13.

Hard Rock committed song that expresses a clear stance against racism in all its forms and social divisions, it is also a manifesto in contrast to the conformisms and sovereignties that lead society to regression, inequalities and inhumanity.

The invitation and the hope is that only an awareness, with the help of culture and sharing, can return to Humanity, a Youth Cultural Revolution will be able to save this crazy world.

TENAX∞ are a rock band born in September 2000 from the idea of ​​the "frontman" and singer Alessio Pacifici who, assisted by musician friends, immediately offers a repertoire of unpublished songs and some covers, all in Italian. Over the years, there have been several changes of components, leading the TENAX∞ to also explore new genres and styles. The definitive turning point in 2008, with the entry of the new guitarist Emanuel Prina who flooded the band with his energetic sap of notes, bringing the project definitively towards a more hard rock direction while maintaining, however, melodic veins and developing new songs in a it is more aggressive and international with committed and reflective Italian texts. From that moment on, TENAX∞ had the opportunity to perform in various clubs and musical events in northern Italy, offering unpublished and parallel classic songs of Italian rock. In 2016 the band undergoes a further change of formation, in live sessions on bass and rhythmic guitar they are supported by shift workers and the duo (mind and arm of the project), joins, or rather, sees the return to the drums by Gigi "Gix" Corbetta, an expert and charismatic musician, dispensing an imprint of classic Hard Rock from explosive and enthralling energy. Under the guidance of the label (R) I exist, the eponymous debut EP of TENAX∞ comes out on 19 May 2017, on CD and digital download, consisting of 4 rock tracks, including the single extract "Vivo Libero" rotating radio and video.

"Club 27" is the second single from the eponymous debut EP of the Milanese band, released on April 13, 2018 "Invincible", the first single from the new album, released by the Milanese rock band TENAX∞ is released on 07 June 2019. The Tenax∞ are: Alessio "Pax" Pacifici (voice) Emanuel Prina (guitar) Gigi "Gix" Corbetta (drums)

Single credits Produced by Michele Guberti, Massimiliano Lambertini and Tenax∞ Recordings and mixing by Michele Guberti and Federico Viola, at the Animal House Studio (Ferrara) Video by Ilaria Passiatore


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