Transleit: the new EbbaneSis album

From the acclaimed 'Bohemian Rhapsody' to 'Attenti al lupo', Viviana Cangiano and Serena Pisa return with their brilliant reinterpretations for voice and guitar of rock, pop and swing classics, in the name of the Neapolitan language Transleit: the new EbbaneSis album!

EBBANESIS TRANSLEIT (Soundfly | Self Distr.) 10 tracks | 27 minutes

"Transleit is a collection of ten Neapolitan translations made by us, with the aim of enhancing a dialect already recognized in itself all over the world. In fact, we can speak of a real language that has given birth to a precious repertoire musical. Promoting it also through translations is a great responsibility for us. And if we do it it is only for the pleasure of giving those songs we love a Neapolitan flavor. It is an exercise that leads us to love our city and the city even more. our culture

Language, culture, music, Naples and love. Passionate and engaging keywords, once again, for Ebbanesis, the Neapolitan duo that publishes the new album Transleit with SoundFly (Self distr.). An important appointment for Italian music, given the media popularity that the duo has collected without tricks and artifices, but only thanks to the preparation, the panache, the ability to revisit great Neapolitan and non-Neapolitan classics. After the success of the disc and show Serenvivity, Transleit takes them elsewhere: from the Neapolitan classic to great rock, to pop, to swing.

A web phenomenon, but with a lot of musical substance: in June 2007 the duo EbbaneSis was born on the net, composed of Viviana Cangiano and Serena Pisa. Two voices and a guitar, which begin to appear on Facebook with intriguing reinterpretations of classics of the Neapolitan song but also famous rock songs sung in dialect: this is the case of Carmela, who has exceeded 400,000 views and above all Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, who has recorded over 2,000,000, becoming an authentic media case.

The same page of EbbaneSis is followed by over 150,000 followers from all over the world. The secret is all in Viviana and Serena's ability to revisit many songs by combining the cultural promotion of the Neapolitan language with a theatrical and passionate approach that has rewarded them not only with extraordinary numbers, but also with unexpected consents, for example that of Maurizio De Giovanni , who proposed to the duo a rereading of Rundinella.

Transleit was born in a place of magic music, the Novecento Auditorium in Naples, one of the oldest recording studios in Europe, with an exceptional repertoire: from Bohemian rhapsody by Queen to I wanted a black cat, from Attenti al lupo to Billie Jean of Michael Jackson, passing through the Beatlesian Michelle and the Morriconian New Cinema Paradiso. They stress Viviana and Serena: "The choice of the songs occurred in some cases for fun, in others for pure fate, in others for the meaning of the song itself, in still others thanks to our musical tastes that are more and more similar. everything with two voices and a guitar is a challenge for both, as in the case of our personal version of Bohemian Rhapsody which, thanks to its unexpected success, was the driving force behind the idea of ​​wanting to record the album The first version of Cinderella Gatta was recorded in the Auditorium Novecento, characters like Sergio Bruni and Roberto Murolo passed by. A wonderful sensation! ".

After the live presentation of last Friday 24 January at the Auditorium Novecento, the EbbaneSis will propose the new show Transleit ... and not only: "It will probably be an evolution of the previous show, which is not canceled but integrated into the new repertoire. SerenVivity will always stay with us, in minimal part. We are very attached to some songs that we can not do without. Hoping to field our acting skills with a new pen, new characters, a direction, costumes and more. again. A real show. "

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