On track in competition at the 70th Sanremo Festival in the category "New proposals" Singer-song rock and rap come together in a piece with social themes

From today on radio, streaming and download 'The steel giant', the song (produced by Brando / Go Wild for Warner Music Italy) that the singer-songwriter Gabriella Martinelli and Lula present in the competition in the category "New proposals" during the 70 Italian Song Festival.The song, with strong social themes, unites Gabriella's songwriter rock, voice and guitar, with Lula's rap, also a drummer. "The steel giant" refers to the former Ilva, the largest steel mill in Italy that has come to the fore in the news in recent months. The steel giant is also the story of those who live by sacrifices and find themselves forced to choose whether to live or work.

Listen to the single:

“I grew up in a small town in the province of Taranto, Montemesola. There is a lot of my land in the things I write - says Gabriella Martinelli about the song. It was an August evening when I wrote "The steel giant". My cousins ​​are former Ilva employees, my grandfather worked all his life in a factory. I was on the bus that would take me back to the capital where I have lived for a few years. The bus always leaves from the merchant port, a place a stone's throw from the Tamburi district, also called the "red district" because it is very close to the steel giant that releases a reddish dust, a compound of heavy metals that settles everywhere. When the wind blows, the city is afraid, women close windows and children don't go to school. Whoever lives down knows all this. Taranto is a beautiful city, yet in the large shell there is a loss of mind, Taranto bites you and dances, red is also the color of despair: there are no great alternatives and sometimes you just have to go away. In this journey I involved Lula, a sensitive and gritty artist who immediately embraced the cause and wrote the song special. "

Gabriella Martinelli Singer-songwriter of Apulian origins, multi-instrumentalist. He travels around Europe as a busker and boasts many years of apprenticeship playing in clubs, festivals and theaters. Winner of many important awards related to the Italian songwriter song, including: Targa Bigi Barbieri 2018, The Artist who was not there 2018 Award, Botteghe d’Autore 2017 Award (Best Interpretation); Bindi Award 2015; Musiculture in 2014. He is among the artists of Tenco Listen 2018. Participate in The Voice of Italy broadcast on Rai 2 in 2013; publishes his debut album "Remember to be happy" for the Toto Sound Records label in 2015 and "The belly is a brain with a hole" in 2018 as an independent. Chosen to represent the new Italian author music in Peru in 2019. It is also one of the Italian voices of Come to my home, a project born in Africa: a reality that unites artists from all over the world with the aim of mixing the arts, cultures and nationalities. Winner of Area Sanremo 2019, competing at the 70th Italian Song Festival, in the New proposals category. In January 2020 he joined the Warner Music Italia roster.

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