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"Another Planet", the new single by SEM out on all digital platforms accompanied by the official videoclip.

The Savona songwriter road is always defined more: writing abandoned in English and dedicated himself to the one in Italian, after "Even If", which recorded in just over two months, almost 10 thousand streamed on Spotify and excellent results on YouTube, SEM public "Another Planet", a very personal song about love, characterized by a clear and defined sound, faithful and consistent to the first single.

Biography SEM, aka Samuel Puppo, born in 1998 in Pietra Ligure. With bassist father, approaching from childhood to the world of music, keen on the guitar. From 9 years regularly studied with guitarists of the national blues scene, including Paolo Bonfanti, Dany Franks, Matthew Cerboncini. Then he begins to write their own songs in English and performing, first as a soloist and later with the trio "Sam and The Band". Between 2015 and 2017 he played in prestigious festivals such as: Tour Music Fest, Pistoia Blues, Acoustic Guitar Meeting, Arezzo Wave, Collisions. Since 2018 she began working with Nicola Arecco and Zibba, following a different path, with new songs in Italian. Public as well "Even If", the first single coming out July 27, 2018 for the Platonic label. On 5 October the same year he released "Another Planet", the second single from this new SEM musical journey.

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