ANITTA The most famous Brazilian singer in the world The protagonist of Netflix a docu-series abou

ANITTA The most famous Brazilian singer in the world The protagonist of Netflix a docu-series about his life "Poquito" is the new single "KISSES" is the new album coming out April 5

Anitta, is young, 25 years old, beautiful, sexy, Brazilian and is a super star, even the most famous Brazilian singer in the world.

He has recorded three studio albums and hit singles, collaborations with J Balvin, Major Lazer, Iggy Azalea, Diplo and many others up to receste single RIP with Sofia Reyes and Rita Ora.

His videos have millions of views, 37 million followers on Instagram and Netflix dedicated a docu-series about his life, a story to 360 degrees starting from the neighborhood where she was born in Rio de Janeiro to become the pop icon the new generation.

The new single is "Poquito" and anticipates his latest album KISSES, released on April 5. And the title could not be more evocative or promising. Just like every kiss is unique, and each of the 10 tracks show a characteristic of the singer: "10 Anitta the price of one"!

The versatility of Anitta is the theme of his latest album, KISSES. There is the romantic Anitta, the sensual, mature, seductive, all packed into one album which is sung in three languages in Portuguese, Spanish and English

Anitta itself declares: "There is a bit 'of each of these Anitta in me. Soon you will know them all in KISSES, a very special album for me that I worked on a lot. I hope to please everyone, and everyone will enjoy listening to him. " What makes this album even more special is that all 10 new songs will be accompanied by 10 new videos, including that of the new single 'POQUITO' Ft. Lee Swae

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