Up Funk, the new dance track / funky dj & producer Ettore Palermo Passafiume in Torrex art.

From the union of some drum loops and electronic synth comes the new Up Funk Torrex.

Track composed of some very unique drum loops typical of combined rock music with some electronic sounds and a very simple typical vocal dance music.

Released on February 21 by the independent record Semantic Sounds (founded by Torrex) much-anticipated track, full of rhythm and energy as well as in clubs, can be used during fitness and workout sessions.


Ettore Passafiume Torrex in art - artist and record producer.

Its activity started at age 13, moved by a great desire to have fun and above all to entertain. Aware of the role that music plays in the life of every human being, aims to spread its musical style with strong features, but at the same time very harmonics to transmit great emotions to the public.

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Tiziana Massa

Mob: +39 348 6003283


Via Donizetti, 99

21010 Germignaga (Va)

P.IVA 03719970125