Giorgio Stammati - The Patron Saint

Turning machine (father) around a roundabout at least three or four times, and discomfort among glares of expectations with the disappointed faces, born The patron, EP debut of the songwriter Giorgio Stammati. While friends depart for European capitals to Giorgio we have to go to the patron to eat the usual sandwich with roast pork, take a spin on the usual easy rider, buy yet another laser to stalls and meet old friends more and more balding. Lost afternoons, inadequacy, loneliness, the question is: what should I do? In these 6 songs you do not find an answer, but an attempt to tell atmospheres and places and turmoil for people who know how to manage their 25 years.

Giorgio Stammati is a songwriter of Formia, born in 1991. He began writing songs in 2011, at age 19, made off after an indecisive year student in Rome. After playing concerts in small venues and Roman Formiana stops singing live devoting himself, in parallel to his life plans, only the music writing. The project is born in the summer of 2016 with the recording of his first EP "The patron saint's day" where they are skimmed old compositions and included the latest, in a form more "rock" and being accompanied by a band that sees Giacomo Strong on keyboards, John Iacovella on drums and Marco Agresti on bass.

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