"Kitarmonika" released the debut album of the instrumental duo Bros Irpinia Am One

"Kitarmonika" released the debut album of the instrumental duo Bros Am One

Nine original pieces for accordion and electric guitar for the debut of the brothers Manuel and Gabriel Ambrosone, including environmentalism and life stories

Kitarmonika is the title of the first album of Irpinia Am One Bros just released by Factory of the Stars, nine original instrumentals to explore the emerging possibilities of expression from the meeting between the electric guitar by Manuel Ambrosone accordion with his brother Gabriel.

The disc arises from the interaction of two very different instruments between them and the intention to celebrate the love for music that unites the two brothers Ambrosone than family ties. Eight of the nine songs on the album are original compositions of the two musicians, plus "Circus Parade" consists of Carmine Ioanna, accordionist world-class jazz and teacher Gabriel.

Kitarmonika is an emotional journey that flows between atmospheres serene and joyful times, sometimes more ethereal and nostalgic, which run on the wire taste for experimentation and the combination of different genres: jazz, folk, progressive, world and rock on, play without barriers with the music.

Inspired by environmental issues and significant events in their lives, the record of the Bros Am One opens with the eponymous track that represents for authors the merger between the guitar and the accordion in the magic of music; Event horizon is an imaginary journey into a black hole and is the universe; Global warning is a song dedicated to nature in danger due to pollution caused by man; Micropia is inspired by an Amsterdam museum devoted to microbes, probably among the first forms of complex life developed on Earth and from which all descend; The fourth track called Rungu Rungu is the memory of a meeting in Rimini between Ambrosone brothers and an African boy who gives them a bracelet calling him by that name. More and environmentalist argument Ash from heaven was made in the days of the fires on Vesuvius, Irpinia, they showed the alarming image of ash clouds in a reddish sky; Moon Sunset is a romantic song written thinking about the miracle of nature that gives, at the same time, the sunrise in one hemisphere and the simultaneous setting of the moon in the opposite direction. Follow your dreams, the eighth track on the disc, is a hymn to life, ability to vigorously pursue their own goals and sacrifice to make real a dream; Circus parade, written by Carmine Ioanna the day of the recording of the album was inspired by the circus atmosphere of a famous painting by Georges Seurat.

In the album they played with the brothers Ambrosone: Luca Roseto saxophonist, guitarist and accordionist Daniel Castellano Carmine Ioanna.

Kitarmonika is available for purchase in digital version of Amazon , iTunes and Google Play, for listening on Spotify, Deezer and YouTube Music and physical version in record stores. E 'it was also realized the video for "Micropia ", first single of the disc, directed by Daniela Ambrosone.

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The record of the Bros Am One is released by Factory of The Stars, produced by Bros Am One and S & M Production, music publishing S & M Production, distribution Tunecore (World Business Entertainment USA).Am One BrosThe One Am Bros (əm brʌs wʌn) are born from the common passion of two brothers avellinesi: music. The name is the result of their last Americanization playing on the uniqueness of being brothers not only in life but also in music.Manuel AmbrosoneManuel was born February 6, 1997, has over 10 years of experience in various genres of music, mainly Rock and Jazz. He started playing guitar at age 9, when parents regalarono him one for the holiday season; numerous changes over the years alternative rock groups where ever unpublished writing published until it comes close to jazz consequently the masterclass held by maestro Daniel Castellano.

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Improvisation has always been of interest to the point of becoming its main approach to music.Gabriel AmbrosoneGabriel was born in Avellino on May 2, 2001, about eight years of musical experience. He started playing the piano at age 9 with the teacher Mariolina Grato. Then, at age 10, she fell in love with another instrument, the accordion through the influence of his grandfather, and became deeply involved in different musical genres; he studied with Armando Rizzo and Carmine Ioanna, who have approached the world of classical music and jazz. Gabriel, he has performed with several bands, from folk to rock, from tango to jazz.

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