"Teletext" is the new single A DAY poor

"Teletext" is the new single A DAY poor The cover of the single realized by Davide Di Domenico He was released on March 15, all digital "store Teletext", the new single of the band Abruzzo A DAY poor.

The song is one of the tracks on the debut album of the band "Nightmares without horror", whose release is scheduled for spring of 2019.

"Teletext" is a song that mocks the "bombing" of information to which we are subjected every day by the media, against the essential simplicity of the old teletext. A return to the essence, as the information, unlike today, was "the perfect balance", free from wanting to entertain at all costs.

The protagonists of the video, created by Davide Di Domenico and created by Marco Cantatore, they dance differently and staff, improvising steps and movements on the different times of the song.

The song, with its rock energy and his humor, wants to lead with exhilaration out of our room and show us a secret that everyone knows: the sense of the fun starts from within us, it inspires our fantasy world, starting from 'essence.

The strong desire to experience the Abruzzo Training yields sought after texts and unconventional choices that find their expression in a sound somewhere between post-rock, prog and alternative rock.

A day poor are: Andrea Roddi (vocals and guitar), Marco Cantatore (bass and vocals), Davide Di Domenico (guitar and vocals), Bruno Contin (keyboard) and Stefano Campanozzi (drums) The project "An unfortunate day" makes its debut in 2016, releasing an EP of the same name. The first studio work, totally self-produced, is presented with a tour that saw the band perform live in the main clubs of Abruzzo and beyond, immediately getting positive feedback from the public and critics.

Are extracted from the EP single "Radioactive" and "Silk" .From the spring of 2018, the band is involved in the recording of the first album titled "Nightmares without horror" for release in 2019.

The album will be preceded by the release of the single "An endless journey", a track from the search text that uses the metaphor of the journey to a destination that does not know love nor hate and tells of "two distant yet parallel lives but intended for cross. "

Eleven tracks born from long jam sessions that see the artistic contribution of all individual members of the band, unconventional Italian lyrics and a sound that ranges from rock to alternative post, up to the prog are the ingredients of the disc.


A day poor are: Andrea Roddi (vocals and guitar), Marco Cantatore (bass and vocals), Davide Di Domenico (guitar and vocals), Bruno Contin (keyboard) and Stefano Campanozzi (drums)

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