MODENA TO THE NEW ROCK PEN OF ITALIAN! Ludwig Mirak publishes the disc "It 's almost dawn!&

E 'release "It' s almost dawn," the album debut of the singer Ludwig Mirak, now available in all stores digital and physical copy via the official website. "The starting point was of course the songs, my stories, my identity. I try to tell the uncertainty and paranoia of a young man in 2018, in a society that seems to forbid give space and listening, everything runs very fast and we are constantly distracted from fiction we do not even notice the beauty of small things. In my 8 tracks tract issues such as: the friendships lost, transfer to a new city, nephew relationship / grandfather, the morbidity of addiction, the relationship between a twenty year old with an older woman, etc. The disc was produced by Federico Truzzi, with the collaboration of Henry Mix and together we wanted to limit the use of electronics, focusing on heat and the interpretation of the musicians, passing from the "evil" of distorted guitars and drums edgy grunge-rock 90's style, until you get to the most sensitive "instruments" such as cello, violin, trumpet and accordion. "

From this first album is expected to be the ticket face cards and allowing Ludwig to carve out a

place on the independent market, focusing primarily on live feedback.

The opening was made recently to Ghemon and Carl Brave, promising.


My name is Paul Gozzo Karim and a Sicilian and Moroccan blood songwriter, born in the heart of

Brianza March 23, 1989, living for some years in Modena. I write songs as always and I'm always trying to present my compositions to the public. In 2009 I participated in the X Factor auditions, reaching the final selection of the team of Morgan and coming out against Marco Mengoni.

Then I approach the hip hop scene in my area collaborating on albums and mixtapes different

artists. Along with Dislout Clan began to frequent the clubs of Lombardy, opening concerts of different artists more or less known. In 2012 I produced with Kikko Palmosi (Modà, Emma, Anna, etc.) A single "Hello World" but devoid of strategy and promotion had no luck record, despite the video was edited by the then emerging Andrea Vetralla (Jovanotti, Nannini, Carboni, etc.).


In April 2013 he participates in the Bungaro Stage, intense songwriting experience held by songwriter and Bungaro author. So I decided to take a step back and started working on myself and identity sound that I had yet found. With the complicity of love, I left my family, friends, changed cities and craft, abandoned mainstream music projects and have started from scratch, addressing the mess (the real one!) Carpi (Mo) working as a buyer for a famous company of high fashion and studio guitar following the method Massimo Varini. In 2017 after pre-produced the new songs with Enrico Mix (vying for the 2014 Tenco plaque with Na Isna), Federico Truzzi I know who will become the manufacturer of my first album. Among the musical influences affected in this new project can be found in the first school Emilian singer-songwriter and the American alternative rock. The September 13, 2018 released the album "It 's almost dawn", preceded by the single "Aramintha (Where are you?)".




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