It 'came out, "Shut Down" first ep system Brescia Terms & Conditions

Thursday August 23 was released on all major digital platforms the first ep of the Terms and Conditions, "Shut Down", five pieces of solid and sturdy rock entirely sung in Italian.

The Terms and Conditions are a rock band formed in Brescia in September 2017. Despite being recently formed the band has already been able to perform on important stages such as the Lattepiù Live Brescia and Tunnel Club in Milan, he has also embarked on a mini summer tour that led them to play in the streets and at major folk festivals.

All four musicians have a long association of stages having cut their teeth is important in cover bands in new projects.

The musical genre they have chosen to put their music creative urge is a solid and mature rock that finds inspiration from the 90s American rock to the sounds and the school of Italian 70s songwriters for the lyrics and themes.


The guitar Gianni Christian (which has been refined over the three years attended the CPM school of sacred monster Franco Mussida ...) it outlines riffs scratching that, supported by the powerful rhythm section made up of Fabio Rizzioli (which with Indomina won Karovana Rock) on bass and Livio Pastorio on drums, are the canvas on which the voice of Enrico Fantoni can paint with brushstrokes portraits of our society.

The topics covered in the "Shut Down" songs are varied, in "Terms and Conditions" is dealt with the increasing dependence on modern technologies,"What you are" the pressure derived from a model of society that we want to win and cool, nell'attualissima "Social Me®dia" moral barbarism highlighted by social media, "Impromptu" can be considered a kind of tribute to the madness of Erasmus of Rotterdam set to music and finally in"Mother Night," the whose title is a tribute to the eponymous masterpiece Kurt Vonnegout, a nocturnal restlessness trip


Youtube channel

title Track

1. Terms & Conditions 3:06

2. That you are 3:24

3. Social Me®dia 3:09

4. Extemporaneous 2:51

5. Mother Night 4:06

Music: Cristiano Gianni - Rizzioli Fabio - Pastorio Livio

Texts: Enrico Fantoni

Arrangements: Terms and Conditions

Recorded at GianniC Studios in Concesio

Production: Terms and Conditions

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