Igor Pitturi "The Promises of Night" Album 2018

Igor Pitturi, is a singer-songwriter and actor. After pleasant experiences of living in Bologna and Barcelona exiles in Ancona, a city that in recent years has seen the shoes of Mannaggiatte, songwriting project with whom he made "Wives and oxen from others' countries" (2009) and then transforms into trio and, finally, in the quintet. After taking part in the live Premio De André selections, the Mannaggiatte project dissolves and from its ashes born bad I dress, which will be the new alter-ego of the artist until 2015, when then finally become Igor Pitturi, which in any case was already born several years before but had ignored it. The March 21, 2016 was released the EP "I dress badly," produced by Frivolous Records (Matthew Fiorino, Dr Philip Panic). The September 12, 2018 released "The Promises of Night", the second disc in his name, co-written with the syndrome of abandonment.

I wrote a duet disc with the syndrome of abandonment; it would be more correct to say that he wrote her, but he did it with my hand, so I take as much merit as vegetables. Without dwelling on telling songs that have nothing mysterious I simply say that this record is the need to find a way to. So many times you have a great desire to get rid of things that are bad, in this case I looked for a way to keep them, I suffered like a dog and I are so much fun.

A drive "live"

"From the first tests with Alessandro Medium (drums) and Richard Trasselli (bass) we captivated by the acoustic performance of the songs. There was spontaneous, wanting to capture the chemistry of the band recording the songs in real time.

The meeting with Davide Battistelli and the decision to entrust the "Lunik recording studio"proved apt to record the disc. In December 2017 - while it was snowing outside - we locked ourselves in the studio for two days of music, concentration and playful euphoria. In three different rooms, we looked at the webcam, we felt headphones and burst out laughing at the end of each take. "


2 The night promises - 3:40

3 When you're gone - 2:01

4 Mannaggiatte - 3:41

5 You are suit - 3:36

Walking 6 - 3:40

7 Contract On Vacation - 2:09

8 If Semo N'Tesi - 2:31

9 Lose The Head - 3:50


Igor Pitturi: vocals, guitar, backing vocals Riccardo Trasselli: bass, backing vocals Alexander Medium: drums, percussion, backing vocals

Federico Maugeri: guitar on "You are Muta" and "Walking"

Texts and music by Igor Pitturi Arrangements by Igor Pitturi, Alessandro and Riccardo Medi Trasselli Recorded and mixed at Lunik Recording Studio, Pesaro (PU) Mastered at G & J Audio, Union City, NJ

Francesca Buonanno Illustrations





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