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GoldOliva the new trapper (Italian?)

GoldOliva has had a very busy traveling and living in many European and American cities for his father's wishes.

Find stability in Scotland in the UK where he spent about five years and could be noticed in fashion shows.

Arriving in Milan seven months ago meets WillyW! Lz, its manufacturer, and with a little 'for fun a bit' passion, three months ago, they take out their first single 'Ding dong',which will be published shortly (shooting videos were filmed on the beautiful Calabrian coast).

Today, along with his producer and their managers carry out a musical project having created a recording studio, AIN Music, and through partnerships with industry professionals.

On July 24, officially he began his career as an artist with the release of the first single 'Aladdin' available on all digital platforms, getting immediately a great success.



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