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Mi occupo con passione di musica dal 2014. Nel 2017 inizio a partecipare ai concerti e fare delle video interviste ai musicisti sia emergenti e famosi. Collaboro dal 2017 con la radio web Wortexradio con due programmi: uno dedicato alle interviste due volte alla settimana, e l'altro programma dedicato alle novità musicali tre volte alla settimana.

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S A B I A  "C A T T I V I  P E N S I E R I"

As the most resilient of bad thoughts, ready to take refuge where shameless hidden needs still resist, the Tuscan singer-songwriter returns to undermine the record market with a single who seems to have no good intentions at all. SABIA, on the list of her deadly sins, on 31.1.2020 adds Bad Thoughts, her last temptation for La Clinica Dischi. "Bad thoughts, which insinuate themselves into the holes in the heart, away from yours look as an accountant always ready to savor opportunities to tell you others not. Bad thoughts, that make the den where there is no moon, in the darkness of the sweatiest and most panting corners of your perversion. villains thoughts, which make your limits fragile and

VIXA “Borderline”

Borderline” è il primo singolo che anticipa l'uscita dell'album d'esordio “Tutto A Posto” della band ferrarese Vixa, pubblicato


LISTEN TO LOMELDA'S COVER OF "WILDFIRE" Today, Hand Habits has announced a new EP featuring covers of their song "wildfire" performed by Angel Olsen, Lomelda, Kacey Johansing, Tara Jane O'Neil and John Andrews & The Yawns - as well as the original. "wildfire," a song written during the California Wildfires in 2017, is a stand out from Hand Habits' critically acclaimed sophomore album, placeholder. Hand Habits, in partnership with Saddle Creek and Bandcamp, will be donating 100% of the profits raised from this campaign to the Amazon Conservation Association, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, that has been protecting the western Amazon for almost 20 years. Once the fundraising goal is met, th

Cate Le Bon

After the success of the 2019 Mercury Prize nominated album Reward, Cate Le Bon & the ambient duo Group Listening (Sweet Baboo and Paul Jones) release Here It Comes Again, a reimagining of 5 tracks from Reward. Recorded in August 2019 in Wales between US and UK tours, Le Bon says,“These are insular re-workings/deconstructions with the musicians whose albums kept me company during the writing of Reward". Cate Le Bon, Group Listening and guest vocalist Ed Dowie ("Here It Comes Again" and "Magnificent Gestures") weave the now-familiar melodies through a warp of clarinet, piano, recorders and synthesisers exploring a study on minimalism, repetition and restraint. Here It Comes Again Tracklist 01

Adam Cayton-Holland Performs His Signature Bits

"Consistently combines sharp observation with a rambunctious spirit all foregrounded by his great talent for painting detailed, layered pictures with words.” - The Comedy Bureau "Cayton-Holland wastes no time addressing the obvious: He’s a rascal. And he wants to discuss everything from his audience’s least favorite race, to Satanism and condoms full of Slurpees.” - The Laugh Button "He’s got a wife, three dogs, and a modest Ford Escape. He listens to ‘90s rock radio and enjoys bird-watching. On paper that sounds quaint at best and boring as hell at worst. However, this is the life he was destined for, and he has a gift for making it absolutely hilarious with the help of a healthy dose of Su

"Via Roma" the new single from Le Fasi

"Via Roma" is the first single of the Neapolitan band Le Fasi, available from February 29, 2020, which anticipates the new and awaited album "Edèra", artistic production Michele Guberti of Massaga Produzioni, distributed by Alka record label. This is how the Campania band describes the new work: "Via Roma" represents the hymn of our change. His verses retrace all the stages of our changing skin: the nostalgia felt for what we were, the age that often turned out to be a golden cage, the experience that sometimes rowed against us and, in the end, the courage that every little artist has to change his path and take an unexpected turn in his career. Le Fasi is a pop rock group formed in June 201


GAETANO NICOSIA ESCE "SENZA STORIA". BENTORNATO PUNK! “Senza Storia” è l’album di esordio di Gaetano Nicosia che, in ordine cron

BAD PROFILE More Time, a genuine Rock between myths and innovation

ONE MORE TIME, the new EP of BAD PROFILE, is out. A rock project that blends the rage of grunge, the groove of funky, the malice of punk and the lightness of pop on a single canvas. A contamination not only of genres but of different souls that lands on an Alternative Rock sound with an underground flavor and Californian features. ONE MORE TIME is composed of five songs in which the artistic DNA of the band emerges and lets us foresee future evolutions projected to a continuous innovation of sounds without ever taking our eyes off the history and myths of rock. Biography: Bad profiles were born in a post-industrial garage in via Borsieri in Milan in July 2018. In just one year they compo


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