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Mi occupo con passione di musica dal 2014. Nel 2017 inizio a partecipare ai concerti e fare delle video interviste ai musicisti sia emergenti e famosi. Collaboro dal 2017 con la radio web Wortexradio con due programmi: uno dedicato alle interviste due volte alla settimana, e l'altro programma dedicato alle novità musicali tre volte alla settimana.

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WATCH NOW ON YOUTUBE, THE FIRST SINGLE OF MARCO GALLORINI WILL BE. ENDLESS STORIES ALREADY FINISHED recorded at the Noise Factory studio in Milan with Samuel Venzaghi on bass and Massimo Palmirotta on drums and artistic production. the Single "Saremo", distributed by Tanzan, FreeMood and Molto Suono, is available on all Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music and many other platforms. The official video directed by Lorenzo Bramati, recorded in the Sienese hills tells through metaphors a story that is consumed quickly, how will it end? Facebook Tiziana Massa

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Cris Mantello - 'Thirteen' (Go Country Records 2020) With Thirteen, Cris Mantello gives us a musical journey, an allegory of a deep inner journey. Thirteen is not only a record, a collection of songs born from his undisputed songwriter talent, but above all a new page of his recording career. After the transition represented by 'Keep On Rollin', a record where rcokabilly influences are still strong and which somehow quickly probes the possible paths to take, Cris Mantello chooses the less obvious and certainly more impervious one. The musical style which, in the context of the American tradition, represents the most direct consequence but also in some ways the most uncomfortable, but which i

"Lettere" is the new one song by LAMAREA

"Letters" is the new one song by LAMAREA After the release of "Respiro" (Dcave Records) in January of last year, on February 10th i LAMAREA return with a new song called "Letters". A song that "is born it gives love for a person, but also love for oneself. " LAMAREA was born in 2014 from the inevitable love of five Tuscan boys for music. In 2017 it is also the year of the meeting with Daniele Grasso, a well-known artistic producer who boasts collaborations with the likes of Afterhours, Greg Dulli, Cesare Basile. I LAMAREA the following year they officially entered the historic The Cave Studio in Catania to start the realization of "Respiro", the second album that will see the light in

Atmosphere "Dearly Beloved" (feat. Musab & Muja Messiah)

#Atmosphere "Dearly Beloved" (feat. Musab & Muja Messiah) Atmosphere delivers a psychedelic music video from director BLOOD $MOKE BODY to accompany “Dearly Beloved” feat. Musab and Muja Messiah. The track was originally released on Atmosphere’s surprise album, Whenever. Slug opens “Dearly Beloved” with his signature dextrous wordplay, rapping a love song while dropping references to Prince and his hometown of Minneapolis. Musab responds with a verse filled with allusions to 80’s pop culture before Muja Messiah closes with sharp-witted Prince references of his own while the music video follows Slug from a snowy limo to a surreal house party. Atmospher Whenever These aren’t dad-raps, these ar

Disq's debut album is out March 6th

North American tour dates coming right up. Last month we announced Disq's debut album, Collector, with its album opener and lead single "Daily Routine," which garnered praise from NPR's All Songs Considered, The FADER, who called the song "biting," Stereogum, who hailed Disq as "one of the most promising acts operating in the indie-rock sphere, purveyors of guitar songs punchy, catchy, and smart enough to transcend trends" and Paste, who named the song one of the Best Songs of January saying it's "packed with the kind of youthful angst and much-needed antics that characterize the current millennial experience." “Traces of feverish psych-rock, lustrous jangle pop, noisy post-punk, and bouncy

Here is the debut album Temporary Music by Asa Tone.

Here are three tracks from Asa Tone's debut album Temporary Music on Leaving Records. Asa Tone is Jakarta-born Melati Malay and New York based Tristan Arp and Kaazi. In January 2018 the trio travelled to Indonesia during Melati’s annual return home, set up a temporary studio in a house nestled in the jungle’s canopy and recorded a series of improvisational pieces together, later edited for brevity. The music incorporates both digital and analogue processing and largely draws upon the groups collective voice, a small selection of instrumentation and their immediate environment. Despite this, they aimed to record a kind of music together that doesn’t seem to come from one specific place, but i

WILLY WONKA WAS WEIRD “Muro Di Tempo (Anarchici della pulizia)” Dal 10 febbraio

"Muro Di Tempo (Anarchists of Cleaning)" is the second single, extracted from the debut album "022016032019" of the Treviso singer-songwriter Willy Wonka Was Weird, available from 10 February 2020, published and distributed by (R) esito.. This is how the Venetian singer-songwriter describes the new work: "Muro Di Tempo (Cleaning Anarchists)" does not have a meaning, it does not have a precise message, it is not a story to tell ... They are scattered pieces thrown in the air and that once fallen to the ground they compose a well-defined puzzle, the chaotic reflection of a person who is reborn for a life more important than his own. A person who does not accept selfishness as a hiding place fo

Spiritual Sleaze, out this Friday 14th February on Stones Throw.

The follow-up to Energy Dreams (2018), Spiritual Sleaze sees the Tel Aviv-based producer and Raw Tapes founder drawing on his spiritual practice for his new collection of songs. Rejoicer draws on a wider range of influences than ever. He cites Sun Ra and Aphex Twin; Steve Reich and Dabrye; Alchemist and Arvo Pärt; Eric Satie and Wu Tang Clan; Ebo Taylor and Scientist as inspirations for Spiritual Sleaze. The result is an album dense with lush textures, laid-back beats and complex instrumentation that could equally be described as jazz, hip-hop, and ambient without ever being one of those things. The tension between melodic, easy-listening sounds and Rejoicer’s tendency towards improvisation

Tullio Cesario:album by Progetto Noah, it's an evergreen that never ends

"What I need is to make a shit so big that I can't save myself" (Chuck Palahniuk) "Scarlet Letters", album by Progetto Noah, is an evergreen that never ends. One year after their collaboration with Alkatraz management booking label, PROJECT NOAH - songwriting rock quartet led by frontman Tullio Cesario - continues its path with single / video "Seductive" extracted from the album produced by Tullio Cesario / Alkatraz management and distributed in all digital stores (by Alkatraz Management itself). The disc is a small gem that has been stuck in the "record limbo" for some time, until the discovery of this rare diamond. "You write a song because you want to say something and you are not always

Here is the new single "Space Invaders" by the latest signing to Stones Throw, The Twilite

Chicago based producer, The Twilite Tone announces signing to Stones Throw with new track "Space Invaders". The Twilite Tone, aka Anthony Khan, is a three time Grammy-nominated musician and producer, who has worked with artists including Kanye West, Common, Gorillaz and My Brightest Diamond. On “Space Invaders”, Tone re-purposes classic sci-fi tropes to comment on society today. In this context, he says, space refers to “the myth that there is not enough room for everyone, or there are not enough resources in this world for all” especially in this climate [where people are othered as] ‘aliens’ when we are all indigenous to this planet. “Space Invaders” also refers to gentrification - “people

Confusing Mix of Nations is out April 3rd

Their debut for Mexican Summer, CMON's Confusing Mix of Nations is an album of pop ambition that understands "pop" to be a state of mind, not a state of sales. Each of the ten tracks reads like a postcard from a different aesthetic era, from the heavy atmospherics and melancholic soul reminiscent of Regal Degal, the duo's prior project, to the four-on-the-floor EBM rhythm grids and sublime AOR guitar lines picked from pop's outer limits. "Zoo," the first single off the forthcoming release, is a dark-tinted portrait of love, painted from a distance. Josh da Costa and Jamen Whitelock move like a fast car through a black Pacific Northwest night, a bit of Twin Peaks fog obscuring Costa’s view o

Janelas Imprevisíveis is the first studio album from 22-year old singer and pianist Flavia K

Janelas Imprevisíveis is the first studio album from 22-year old singer and pianist Flavia K, She has already been a performing artist for over 10 years and has worked with some of the giants of Brazilian music, including Ed Motta, Simoninha, Seu Jorge and Ivan Lins. The pianist, singer and songwriter began to play her first piano notes at the age of four. She studied classical piano and jazz piano at the São Caetano do Sul Arts Foundation and studied singing with teachers Tania Lasse and Diana Goulart. Her music brings influences from the worlds of jazz, soul, funk, bossa nova and R&B, and she has shared the stage with great artists such as Ed Motta, Wilson Simoninha, Max de Castro, Jair Ol

The Foyers present their first EP. Five tracks that speak of the path and personal growth, in an ove

The Foyers present their first EP. Five tracks that speak of the path and personal growth, in an overwhelming society with arid personal relationships. Here is how the Foyers present their EP: The Selected songs are intended to be the first step to find a common identity and the basis for a sound that winks at the early 90s. The King, I learned to survive, Mangia Leggero and Bruce Lee, are personal songs that describe the dreams and the will of a light, carefree life, with a fierce criticism of the self-centeredness of the world in which we live. Stella, on the other hand, is a story that tells how everyone is looking for happiness and how everyone can reach it. " 1) Bruce lee: https://sou

The new single from Mardi Gras written by Liina Ratsep and Alessandro Matilli

The importance of knowing that at your side there is, and always will be, someone who will give you the strength to move forward with the awareness that you are no longer alone. The new #MardiGras single written by #LiinaRatsep and #AlessandroMatilli, produced by #StuartEpps (producer of #EltonJohn, #LedZeppelin, #Oasis, #RobbieWilliams, #GeorgeHarrison, #Bill Wyman, #ChrisRea) is available from 17 January 2020 on Spotify and all the digital platforms and his video directed by #GiulioBottini travels on 33,000 views; The artwork of the single is by #SimoneDalena It all starts with a new first step: the end of a chapter in one's life, the end of a relationship or love, the closure of a school

Europe is Russo Amorale's debut album

Europe is Russo Amorale's debut album accompanied by the single Wildfires which will be released in concomitance of the inauguration of the HEXAGON label DISCHI next January 20, with the artistic production by Stefano Riccò. #musiceurope #music #russoamorale #hexagon #tizianamassablog After the first single released in November and the slow ironic drift of Russo Amorale on «Waters Torbide "of Emilia-Romagna, with" Wildfires "on French songwriter takes us to new horizons, on the other part of the world map, in arid California besieged by the « Incendi », as the title of the song says. With his riff obstinate and fiery guitar, "Wildfires" contains the essence of Russo Amorale post-songwri


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