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Mi occupo con passione di musica dal 2014. Nel 2017 inizio a partecipare ai concerti e fare delle video interviste ai musicisti sia emergenti e famosi. Collaboro dal 2017 con la radio web Wortexradio con due programmi: uno dedicato alle interviste due volte alla settimana, e l'altro programma dedicato alle novità musicali tre volte alla settimana.

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"Another Planet", the new single by SEM out on all digital platforms accompanied by the official videoclip. The Savona songwriter road is always defined more: writing abandoned in English and dedicated himself to the one in Italian, after "Even If", which recorded in just over two months, almost 10 thousand streamed on Spotify and excellent results on YouTube, SEM public "Another Planet", a very personal song about love, characterized by a clear and defined sound, faithful and consistent to the first single. Biography SEM, aka Samuel Puppo, born in 1998 in Pietra Ligure. With bassist father, approaching from childhood to the world of music, keen on the guitar. From 9 years regularly s

ANITTA The most famous Brazilian singer in the world The protagonist of Netflix a docu-series abou

ANITTA The most famous Brazilian singer in the world The protagonist of Netflix a docu-series about his life "Poquito" is the new single "KISSES" is the new album coming out April 5 Anitta, is young, 25 years old, beautiful, sexy, Brazilian and is a super star, even the most famous Brazilian singer in the world. He has recorded three studio albums and hit singles, collaborations with J Balvin, Major Lazer, Iggy Azalea, Diplo and many others up to receste single RIP with Sofia Reyes and Rita Ora. His videos have millions of views, 37 million followers on Instagram and Netflix dedicated a docu-series about his life, a story to 360 degrees starting from the neighborhood where she was born

Up Funk, the new dance track / funky dj & producer Ettore Palermo Passafiume in Torrex art.

From the union of some drum loops and electronic synth comes the new Up Funk Torrex. Track composed of some very unique drum loops typical of combined rock music with some electronic sounds and a very simple typical vocal dance music. Released on February 21 by the independent record Semantic Sounds (founded by Torrex) much-anticipated track, full of rhythm and energy as well as in clubs, can be used during fitness and workout sessions. WATCH THE VIDEO * UP FUNK: Ettore Passafiume Torrex in art - artist and record producer. Its activity started at age 13, moved by a great desire to have fun and above all to entertain. Aware of the role that music plays in the life of every human being, aims

"Terror" of the new Single Cable Mat

CABLE MAT "Terror" Since March 19 rotating radio and video Exits on March 19, the new and third single "Terror", Lombard band Mat Cable, extracted from the first album "Everyone Just Going Through Something", which anticipates the release scheduled for April 19, distributed and promoted by Alka records label. The Cable Mat born in 2013 when Raffaele Ferri, author and creator of the project meets the first members of the band, the name comes as a result after reflections and considerations about the universe of digital connections and wiring that are hidden behind our daily communications. The Mat Cable produce songs quickly and in September 2014 he released "Rise", a self-produced EP. The


THE 2019 BANDS OF THE TUSCAN ORCHESTRA The ORT Foundation announces the audition for the orchestral roles of Primo Fluto, Prima Tromba and Timpani, Percussioni and Keyboards, in order to form rankings of suitable candidates to be signed with fixed-term contracts for replacements and additions to the orchestral staff. The auditions will take place in three distinct sections from mid-April to the end of May 2019, at the Teatro Verdi in Florence. All information and methods of participation on www.orchestradellatoscana.it Follow Tiziana Massa on Facebook Follow Tiziana Massa on Youtube


WIM MERTENS IN CONCERT to POIETIKA ONLY ITALIAN DATE! Nicolas Dupont (violin) Saturday, April 13, 2019 21.00 Savoy Theater Piazza Gabriele Pepe, 5 Campobasso Tickets: € 25 stalls, € 20 I order, € 15 II, III order, € 10 fourth-order Buying tickets: https://www.liveticket.it/evento.aspx?Id=242737&InstantBuy=1&CallingPageUrl=https://www.liveticket.it/elenco_opere.aspx?Id=102925#ancWizard TICKETS GIL PALACE Via Milano, 15 Campobasso Tel. 0874 437386 Monday and Wednesday from 15.00 to 18.00 Friday from 11.00 to 13.00 Saturday, April 13 extraordinary event for the V Edition of Poietika, proud to host the only Italian date of the international tour of Wim Mertens! The Belgian musician will be in

A trip to America of Music, with "New Orleans & The Music Road" you can

The dream of many today could become a reality, thanks to The Music Road , the project Travel For Fans who, in collaboration with Maurizio Faulisi , the famous "Dr. Feelgood" Virgin Radio, wants to accomplish in the next month of August (from 6 to 23). The musical holiday that can exist there in the land of the Deep South of the United States where she was born over a hundred years ago. Atlanta, Macon, Montgomery, New Orleans and then Clarksdale, Memphis,Helena and Memphis, and Nashville, Lynchburg and Chattanoga in a dip in blues, soul, country and rock'n'roll in the fascinating world of culture and civil rights of the Deep South, through fundamental states such as Georgia, Alabama, Louis


"Kaputt Mundi" is designed to GROUND CONTROL eclectic artist C999 known on the national scene as a film maker and video installations and visual mapping. Follow Tiziana Massa on Facebook "Sounds acids, claustrophobic atmosphere, direct approach, heavy firepower and modernity" - Roberto Bonfanti for RTI "The Ground Control have impressed me for sounds. They were able to create great suggestions and deeply evocative "- Paul Pelizza BIO The Ground Control is a psycho-stoner band of Montecchio Emilia (RE), born in a downtown bar at approximately 19 of January 10, 2017, exactly one year after the death of David Bowie. Hence the idea, and the homage of Ground Control and the cue to start experim

Minima Moralia Salvo Alfieri incontra il cantante Giuseppe Di Gesù.

I Minima Moralia sono quella band che non ti immagineresti mai di trovare in Sicilia, a Palermo. E lo dico io che sono nato in Sicilia. Mi sono divertito tantissimo a conoscere ed intervistare Giuseppe Di Gesù. Il loro mondo vi piacerà. Sono una band giovanissima, nata nei nel 2016 a Caccamo, in provincia di Palermo. Il gruppo è formato dall’ormai mio amico, Giuseppe Di Gesù (voce e chitarra), Antonio Di Gesù, (basso), Francesco Chiaramonte (chitarra), Nicasio Rini, (batteria). I quattro si misero sin da subito sotto con gli inediti che nel corso del 2017 e 2018 hanno portato in giro per pub, locali e festival riuscendo ad ottenere sin da subito feedback molto positivi e apprezzamenti, sicur

Giorgio Stammati - The Patron Saint

Turning machine (father) around a roundabout at least three or four times, and discomfort among glares of expectations with the disappointed faces, born The patron, EP debut of the songwriter Giorgio Stammati. While friends depart for European capitals to Giorgio we have to go to the patron to eat the usual sandwich with roast pork, take a spin on the usual easy rider, buy yet another laser to stalls and meet old friends more and more balding. Lost afternoons, inadequacy, loneliness, the question is: what should I do? In these 6 songs you do not find an answer, but an attempt to tell atmospheres and places and turmoil for people who know how to manage their 25 years. Giorgio Stammati is a


DJS IN BLACK - FIRST EP OF DUO The DJs in Black, are a DJ duo that manufacturers do not want to at the time declare their origins and their identity. They produced their first EP, entitled EP001 GUARDA VIDEO Follow Tiziana Massa on Youtube Follow Tiziana Massa on Facebook

LEVANTE The icon of the new Italian pop Return on 5 April with a new single "Everything will b

This summer preview of the tour in historical arenas of our country Songwriter of the new Italian pop icon natural and versatile style after 3 successful albums by critics and audiences and two bestselling books, Levante back with a new single to be released on April 5 for Warner Music, the first step of his new recording path. "It'll be all right," this is the title of the new song, talk about the future without memory, lists the frightening present, but clings to the promise that "everything will be fine." It is not just a newsletter, is an awareness, meet young and still feel small before environmental disasters, inhumane policies and indifference almost pornographic, from censorship. T

"Kitarmonika" released the debut album of the instrumental duo Bros Irpinia Am One

"Kitarmonika" released the debut album of the instrumental duo Bros Am One Nine original pieces for accordion and electric guitar for the debut of the brothers Manuel and Gabriel Ambrosone, including environmentalism and life stories Kitarmonika is the title of the first album of Irpinia Am One Bros just released by Factory of the Stars, nine original instrumentals to explore the emerging possibilities of expression from the meeting between the electric guitar by Manuel Ambrosone accordion with his brother Gabriel. The disc arises from the interaction of two very different instruments between them and the intention to celebrate the love for music that unites the two brothers Ambrosone than f


SOLD OUT A big party with many guests: Dark Polo Gang, DrefGold, Emis Killa, Ghali, Gue Pequeno and Noyz Narcos It started on March 5, retracing the major European cities (Berlin, Amsterdam, Zurich, London, Barcelona, Nova Gorica and Frankfurt) the first Cape tour Plaza "FROM ZERO TO 20 European Tour" and ends tonight, Tuesday, March 26, at ' Alcatraz with a concert-festival sold out with many friends. Among the guests present will be: Dark Polo Gang, DrefGold, Emis Killa, Ghali, Gue Pequeno and Noyz Narcos. To open the concert they know Abby 6ix and PHILIP, rapper born and raised in the Piazza Prealpi, emblem of the popular Milan released two new singles "Good Guys" and "Black Tuta". Watch

"Teletext" is the new single A DAY poor

"Teletext" is the new single A DAY poor The cover of the single realized by Davide Di Domenico He was released on March 15, all digital "store Teletext", the new single of the band Abruzzo A DAY poor. The song is one of the tracks on the debut album of the band "Nightmares without horror", whose release is scheduled for spring of 2019. "Teletext" is a song that mocks the "bombing" of information to which we are subjected every day by the media, against the essential simplicity of the old teletext. A return to the essence, as the information, unlike today, was "the perfect balance", free from wanting to entertain at all costs. The protagonists of the video, created by Davide Di Domenico and

L’amore e la bellezza delle cose: “Nei tuoi occhi” è il nuovo singolo di BERT

“Nei tuoi occhi” è il singolo d’esordio di BERT, nome d’arte del giovane cantautore romagnolo di origini calabresi Massimo Bartolo. Un brano pop figlio del cantautorato italiano moderno (Thegiornalisti, Dente, Cesare Cremonini) che nasce dall’esigenza di ricordare a tutti (e a se stesso in primis) che esistono ancora le cose belle, i rapporti concreti, gli sguardi sinceri, le persone che sanno tirare fuori il meglio di te. Lontano dalla frenesia dei social, dalle solite bevute disinteressate, condivise con “chiunque” - ormai un must della società moderna – BERT scrive un inno ai legami autentici e canta di sguardi intrecciati come radici che lasciano il segno. Segui Tiziana Massa su Face

Fabio Mancini a ritmo funky con le sue Goodvibes

Tutto pronto, il 22 Febbraio, Fabio Mancini, cantautore della provincia di Roma, torna a pieno ritmo sulla scena indipendente con il singolo “Goodvibes”. Il brano interamente prodotto e distribuito digitalmente da Free Club Factory vede la preziosa direzione artistica di Leonardo Angelucci. Fabio Mancini esprime attraverso le sue parole il desiderio di voler vedere sempre oltre la negatività, il bisogno di restare positivi e di imparare ad apprezzare ogni singolo istante della quotidianità, anche e soprattutto nei piccoli gesti. Riscoprendo le sue varie influenze artistiche, Fabio evidenzia trattamenti Soul & Funky anni ‘80, con lineamenti ritmici prevalentemente presenti nei piu grandi succ


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